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Full Service IT Shop

Computer Drop-Offs

Here at Au Technology Solutions, drop off service comes with a free diagnosis. Our friendly and professional technicians can help with your computer problems. If your Computer is acting sluggish or worse, we can help you with your problem. Located in Encinitas and Oceanside, Au Technology Solutions is available for anyone that needs a drop off service for their systems. We have computers come in with many symptoms ranging from severe to routine. Our drop off service is also convenient for customers that are on the go. If you have somewhere to be and can leave your system with us we can work on it while you continue on with your day. If drop off service isn’t the most convenient for you then you can take the comfort in our Onsite visits service!

Virus Removal

With the internet connecting all of us comes the risk of Infection. Email, Routine Internet searches, and Program Downloads/installs can all be avenues to which an intruder can infect your system. Malware and viruses can infect a computer to the degree of leaving the system unusable. These infections no matter what the degree need to be removed from a system to keep the system healthy and operating at peak performance. If your system is showing signs of infection like: Sluggishness, unknown programs installed, or Pop-ups and unknown tool bars on your browser, bring it in or have us visit to assess your computer and help you fix the problem and bring your computer back to operating like it should.

Computer Tune-ups

There are many reasons for a computer to need a tune-up. Sometimes a computer will act without previous signs. A system can work for quite a while with no signs of needing a tune-up. System crashes, Sluggishness, Unresponsiveness are all signs that your computer might need a tune-up. With choices like of free drop offs or having one of our professional and friendly technicians come to you to help with these issues is what we at Au Technology Solutions do to make things convenient for our customers.

Custom Computers

Are you in the market for a new computer? Let Au Technology Solutions build you one! With us you have the freedom of building a custom PC to your exact specs or needs. If building a custom PC is a little much we also have “Monster Rebuilds!” Take the guess work out of the equation and see what Au Technology Solutions can do for you with custom PC’s and our Monster Rebuilds.

Network Setup

Are you having issues with your internet or printers? Let Au Technology Solutions assist you with that! We can provide you with information on your current network and also make recommendations on what your setup should be in order to perform the best.

Laptop Repair

If your laptop is experiencing problems, let us help you. From cracked screens to malfunctioning keyboards we can do it. Even if you just want to upgrade your laptop, Au Technology Solutions can do it all. Memory upgrade, Hard drive upgrade, Solid State drive install, and anything in between, we can do it all. Let us be your one stop shop for your laptop modifications and diagnosis.

Data Recovery

  • Free Evaluation and Consultation: We provide Free Evaluation and Consultation on your failed Hard Drive
  • Local: Just down the street, feel safer about your important information! We are right around the corner!
  • Latest Tools and Equipment: Au Technology Solutions Data Recovery has an 80% success rate, and access to great rates for external recovery if we cant get it!
  • No Data – No Charge Policy: Au Technology Solutions Data Recovery provides No Data – No Charge Policy
  • Transparent  LOW RATES: We guarantee fair prices. No surprise cost to your data recovery process
  • Professional Team of Engineers: Our highly experienced & educated engineers are knowledgeable the recovery process.